The Secrets of Venus_Fun facts about Venus

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


32 pages
Child – Adult
Non fiction, Space
August 1, 2015
8 – 10 years


Venus is the easiest planet to see from Earth, but it still has secrets.  From ancient cultures that watched the skies, to modern scientists who send machines into space, humans are passionately curious about the planet known as the Evening Star. Learn about Venus’ discovery, what it would be like to visit, and what scientists still want to know. Vivid photos and illustrations, scientist spotlights, and sidebars help unlock the secrets of Venus.

Level(For a English Learner)

If you have some science background, especially knows the basic vocabulary for the astronomy stuff, it will be easy for you. The upper-level words are explained within the contents, or you can look them up in the glossary it has at the back of the book.

If you don’t know the basic words, it will be hard for a beginner. But since it’s a think pictuerbook, you can read it slowly or read it after Elementary Level books are comfortable with you. You can check the level for yourself with the paragraph from the book, below.

Venus’ mountains are topped with snow, like mountains on Earth. But the snow is not made of frozen water. It is shiny, condensed metallic frost. The “snow” is made of metal!



The table below is different from the one is given by the publisher. The one below is more focused on the contents.

– Table of Contents
– The basic Characteristics of Venus(the distance from the sun, the size etc)
– Records of Venus in history
– The origin of the name, Venus
– The first observation
– Interesting Facts
– Rovers to Venus
– The future for Venus Expedition
– Glossary
– Read more
– Critical Thinking
– Index


I learned so much about Venus. From well known facts like Venus is full of gas clouds, its acidic rain to unfamiliar facts of Venus such as the acidic rain is “sulfuric” acid rain which is yellow (Therefore, the surface of Venus is yellow), the rain never touches the surface because it evaporates before it touches the ground, metal topped mountains, its atmosphere has an air pressure that is of the ocean at the far bottom (appx. 90 times bigger than of Earth). I knew humans can’t live there but I didn’t know any human cannot even survive for 1 second. Even a spaceship cannot survive more than 1hour. What a planet!

These interesting facts and more are presented with pictures that helps you a lot for understanding. Each page is well organized with a topic. I recommend it to any kids who are interested in Space or Adults.

Difficult words


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