the number of pages
Published date
targeted age group**

* Even though it’s a children’s book, if it’s still fun to read by all ages you will see “Child-Adult”, If it’s fun to child to young adult, you will see “Child-YA”. This section is to help English language learners select books.
**”targeted age group” is who the book was inteded to make for.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

How is the content

It’s for the general review of the book.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Level of the book

This star rate is within the level category. ★ in Advanced will be more difficult than ★★★ in Beginner.

It’s set this way to help English language learners. Each book’s level can vary within the level. Start with the books that have the fewer stars

What is Schema?

Schema is a reader’s background knowledge. It is all the information a person knows. Readers use their schema to understand what they are reading. Being reminded of the knowledge or being taught a new knowledge related to a book helps the reading process.

Content Schema

: is a background knowledge related to the content of the book including the subject, the background, the cultural background, etc.

Structure Schema

: is a background knowledge related to the whole or part structure of the book.

Categories by Levels


Picture books can be enjoyed by all levels. If you are having difficult times reading Beginner level books, try Picture books.

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This level is for those who just started reading English books. Recommended to start with the books that has lower level-stars(pink).

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Elementary books are thicker than Beginner books and/or need higher reading levels. If you are here, you are now used to reading English books. Try to increase your reading time.

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Intermediate books are for anyone who wants to try more difficult books. Try to read different genre books to expand your vocabularies

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Advanced books are more difficult than Intermediate books. Make sure to start with lower level-star(pink) ranked books in the beginning. If you feel a bit overwhelmed with this level, try to mix other level books while reading one book from here.

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The Secrets of Venus_Fun facts about Venus

★★★★ Content ★★★★ Level 32 pages Child – Adult Non fiction, Space n/a August 1, 2015 8 – 10 years Summary Venus is the easiest planet to see from Earth, but it still has secrets.  From ancient cultures that watched the skies, to modern scientists who send machines into…

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