This is Minibook. I love reading books for my English studies. I like all genres, fictions and non-fictions.

It’s been a while since I started reading books to improve my language skills. Currently it became a habit instead of forced studying. I am sure you’re wondering how I came across this idea of reading books for my English. Good question! 😊

While living in the U.S for more than 4 years, people complimented me on my speaking level. Yet, I felt something was missing. I tried to study more through online classes, watching TV shows and talking with native speakers all in English. But they didn’t help me fill the gap. I felt the only option left was to read books. Before I get into this topic, let me tell you how hard it was for me to start. Due to having no guidance, I failed twice. I’d built negative impressions on reading English books. This made it hard to decide to read again. It was like an adventure to me, not a journey. I refused to take the adventure by trying other methods of learning. Later, I kind of had a feeling that reading books will fix my problem. However, once again I tried to push as long as I could..…. Till one day, after feeling silly about ordering translated books that was originally written by American authors from my home country, South Korea, finally I re-started my adventure. This was 2years after the first trial. And at last I succeeded! I soon felt it was filling the gap. Unbelievable!  This is when I realized reading books is important even for language learning. Nonetheless, I’ve never met a English teacher who emphasized on the importance of reading books. Not knowing led me to start reading books late in my English journey. This is why I started this blog. To help people who haven’t heard the importance of reading books for language studies like I hadn’t, I decided to become an ambassador of reading books for other learners.

 Later while studying for my bachelor degree related to language education, I discovered it is, indeed, important to read books for language learning. (Were my teachers sleeping in their classes?) The lectures left me even more to share. It’s too precious to just contain it all in my brain, you know? I felt the need to share or it might explode! Hahaha.

Other things you can expect from my blog are book reviews with their reading levels in a point of view from a language learner. Not only that, I will tell you how fun the book is. Reading children’s books as an adult is sometimes……frustrating! I will save you from the “sleeping pills”, unless you have insomnia. Then will work right away.

 If there are parents who looks for children’s books, You are covered, too. Even if it wasn’t for me, I will state if it can be enjoyed by children. One more thing, I was surprised there were possibly inappropriate stuff for the children in children’s books. I will note it down in my reviews if there’s any..

Hope you enjoy my channels. (Blog, Youtube, Instagram)

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